Cat Climbs Bunk Bed To Get To Her Bear Buddy

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Published: June 24, 2016

A hilarious footage has emerged of a cheeky cat climbing the ladder of a bunk bed only to get to her favorite stuffed animal that is resting at the top of the summit. There’s no mountain high enough to keep this cat from her favorite bear!

This cat put professional climbers to shame when she scaled up a bunk bed to get to her toy in no time. Chances are, if you’re looking for your cat somewhere in your house she’s probably in an elevated location because cats prefer to be above ground level.

Climbing to an elevated spot enables a cat to watch over her environment. If your cat goes outdoors then the ability to climb is crucial to her survival in order to escape predators. Climbing will also enable your cat to safely reach those elevated areas where she feels more secure.

Footage shows a curious cat quickly scaling on a ladder to climb on the top of the bunk bed in order to get to a stuffed animal. This pet cat has mastered her skills and abilities and learned to keep a perfect balance when climbing them stairs. Watch how steady she walks and keeps a human posture when climbing! Amazing!

When she reaches the summit she snatches her stuffed toy and that is when the fun begins! The cat feels cozy and safe, relaxing on the top of the bed, far from human’s reach! She continues to snuggle with her favorite toy, enjoying her perfect cat life!

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