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PetTubePlanetsFunniestAnimalsPublished: June 24, 2016Updated: July 3, 201651,829 views
Published: June 24, 2016Updated: July 3, 2016

This adorable video showcases the hilarious cat and dog duo as they struggle to bunk with each other! The dog initially goes into the bed only to realize the the family cat is in there too! They battle it out, struggling against one another only to have one victories over the other in the end. Who will it be? Watch the video and find out for yourself!

These two animals are so cute and adorable and just cant't help lighten up your day! You can't seem to look away as this epic battle unfolds against to arch enemies! You also can't seem to keep a straight face as this fight is all too funny. This should not be a video that any pet owner should miss. This really was a memorable moment that won't be forgotten!

The cat doesn't seem to like the dog all that much so if it ever gets bored, it's owner could always buy the best selling cat toys on Amazon for it to be occupied with!

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