Kid Saves Money On Barber By Letting A Horse Cut His Hair

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Published: June 24, 2016

Neatness is a virtue. Neatness begets order, but only in moderation, because it can narrow the mind when taken to the extremes.

Some people like everything to be spot on around them. Their hair, their looks, the clothing they wear. They can sometimes go to such extremes, that the lack of neatness in others bothers them to the point of a breakdown.

In contrast, there are also people who would love nothing more than to let nature take its course. Wrinkly clothes? Not a problem. Disheveled hair? So be it. These people take cleanliness as the least important thing in their lives and the barber gets a visit once a year.

Then, there are people who don’t mind getting pampered, but would also like to get the most for the least amount of cash invested. So, if they could let a horse chomp on their hair and call it a haircut, they absolutely would.

One kid decided to take up on the offer of a horse “cutting” his hair, so he went to the stable, leaned on the door of stall and waited for Mister Ed to come and do his thing. The black horse takes a few good whiffs at the boy’s ginger hair, determines that it is not, in fact, a carrot top, and begins chomping on his copper locks with his huge teeth.

A lick here, a gnaw there, and this kid is ready to take on the world with his new do. We like to call it, the horsedo.

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