Big Horse Likes To Think He Is A Delicate Little Hummingbird

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Published: June 24, 2016

When decorating their yards, people like to throw a little something extra in there to make their experience that much more enjoyable. So, they build bird houses and put up bird feeders to attract all sorts of birds to their property. It serves a double purpose - people help the birds with resources, and in turn those birdies grace people with their beautiful presence and cheerful song.

The one thing everyone would love to have in their yard in a hummingbird feeder. With such a wide spectrum of genera, hummingbirds are the most beautiful wild birds in the Americas. They don’t produce much of a sound, other than the humming from their wings, but the light that reflects from their gorgeous plumage makes spending the afternoon on your porch an otherworldly experience.

Those birds are tiny, so naturally they would rather flee that to fight for their spot at the feeder from other animals. Squirrels and other birds have been known to pay a visit to hummingbirds feeders. But this animal is way too huge to drink from one and he still persists on doing so!

Reddit has had a field trip with this clip of a horse trying to drink from a hummingbird feeder. “Does anyone know what kind of a hummingbird this is?” is the title of the thread, with the answers below taking the prize! “Clearly a horsefly.” says one use, with other adding “See if you can get it to land on your shoulder.”

Who are we to judge Mister Ed here? He clearly wants to be a delicate little birdie and we should totally let him!

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