Tough Talking Kitty Uses Scare Tactics To Keep Deer Off Her Lawn

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Published: June 24, 2016

When it comes to protecting your lawn from trespassers or pests, there is only so much you can do. You can install a pest repellent, order an alarm, or get a mean old dog to scare those who suffer of the curious syndrome away.

But who would have thought that a member of the feline family would take up such a heavy duty on herself? That is right, ladies and gents, one brave kitty decided that no one, and we mean NO ONE, will enter her yard, unless she approves. Or so she thinks.

In this adorable PetTube video, a cat witnesses her yard being overrun by deer, who keep grazing the grass that her hoomans have so painstakingly planted last season. How dare these ruminant mammals come over here, stomp over the fresh green grass and eat it no less, without an invitation? They will get a piece of her mind.

The cat tries her very best to scare off the invaders of her yard, but with little to no success. The deer don’t care that a tiny little kitten doesn’t like them grazing in her yard. The grass is always greener where humans live and they will come and eat it whenever they can.

In a similar video, another kitten threw a “you shall not pass” attitude to the family dog, whenever the pooch tried to enter the house through the pet door. But no matter how hard the dog tried, the kitten told him to stay out. What an attitude!

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