Brave Kitty Defends His Home From A Curious Black Bear

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Published: June 24, 2016

No one thinks of a brave defender when the word “cat” in brought up in a conversation. The term “scaredy cat” exists for a reason - a cat would much rather choose to flee than to fight. But every rule has its own sweet exception and this one is no different. Behold, exhibit A!

A black-and-white cat is sitting on his perch in front of a window, as if looking for the leaves to turn. But the sounds Mr. Whiskers makes aren’t sounds of expectation and we get to see why pretty soon.

Out comes a big hairy black head from the bottom of the window pane. It’s a black bear! As soon as this nosy intruder makes his appearance, the cat turns from a sweet little companion to a feisty beast, ready to pounce at this uninvited guest at a moment’s notice.

“Stay back, villain! For I will smite you with my mighty claws!”

The bear does not seem to have any vile intentions, chewing his food slowly and carefully as one should and sniffing on the window frame. Maybe there’s a bee nest filled with honey underneath? Mr. Whiskers doesn’t care what the bear’s intentions are; he is blocking his view of the yard and the cat wants that bear outta there!

Our brave hero keep meowing and folding his ears back to his head, but to no avail. That bear will linger on the window all he wants, because no cat’s demands are a match for a bear’s thick skull.

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Kitty is in for the surprise of a lifetime. There's a bear in the window!

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