Determined Cat Chases Mouse Toy On A Treadmill

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Published: June 24, 2016

When you think about archenemies, who do you think first? Cats and mice, of course. Tom & Jerry have been teaching us for decades that a cat and a mouse can never live in the same house together. In fact, cats are, of course, natural born killers and those tiny little critters are their favorite prey.

Based on everything we know about cats, one would think that if a cat saw a mouse, it would pounce on the chance catch a mouse nearby. With that fact in mind, this family decided to tease their cat Cougar, to see how far she would go to get her prey. Let’s just say, not very far!

Even though Cougar the Siamese cat doesn’t look like she is in need of any exercise, still her owners fired up the treadmill and hung a mouse toy on a string right in Cougar’s eye level. The rest is like in a cartoon movie - Cougar tries her very best to reach the toy, but to little avail. No matter how far she jumps or how fast she walks, she just can’t seem to reach that stinkin’ mouse!

Confusion makes the cat slow down a couple of times to rethink her hunting strategy, but every time she does that, the treadmill pushes her down. That doesn’t dissuade our heroine to climb right back up and try, try again. A few smacks with the paw later, our strategist figured out that all she had to do is pounce at the thing and pull it down!


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