Pup Tries To Defend His Food Bowl From A Thieving Duck

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Published: June 24, 2016

It’s dog versus duck in the war for this food bowl!

A white shepherd pup was determined to hide away his bowl full of kibble from a very aggressive and omnivorous white Muscovy duck. It can see the aggressive bird coming his way from afar, so the pup gets up, grabs the bowl with its muzzle and moves it away.

That tactic only slightly confuses the <a href="https://rumble.com/v3v2mf-duck-family-traveling.html" target="_blank">duck</a>, because as soon as the pup sits down to eat, the duck comes close and starts pecking the poor dog!

At one point, the pup decides it is high time to defend his meal vocally, so it starts barking at the mean bird, but that does nothing to this farmland gangster. Instead of going away, the bird jumps at the pup, pecking and biting it on the sides and ears! The audacity on that bird!

We don’t have any information as to who got to keep the food bowl, but we could watch that fight for hours, it is truly hilarious! We think it is safe to say we now know who the king of this farm is.

As opposed to the pup in this clip, another dog was actually teasing the duck into chasing him! This adorable animal duo love chasing each other across the yard, and it looks like they may have invented a brand new <a href="https://rumble.com/v32pkq-duck-duck-dog.html" target="_blank">game</a> in the process! You won't be able to resist the sheer level of cuteness of this video!

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