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Published: July 3, 2016

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Here is a rare look at the magical singing duet of Harvey, the dog, and baby Jane, as they rehearse in the living room!

There's hardly anything cuter that seeing babies playing with dogs, and here's yet another video proving that. These two best buddies can't spend a minute apart, and just follow wach others' steps everywhere they go, that's how close they are!

Here we witness an adorable moment when this precious toddler starts singing her favorite song, and pooch can't resist! As he's chilling next to his favorite girl, he's quick to join her by barking in the most hilarious way! Don't you just love these precious animal-children duos? They make the best ones! Our little girl here is also good at motivating her furry buddy, as she claps with her hands right in the middle of every small pause her pooch makes. You have to admit, this is beyond adorable!

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