This Pup Is A Parkour Champ In The Making

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Published: June 24, 2016

Just when we think we have seen them all, a pup like this one emerges from someone’s dusty old camera to amaze us. It is not a trick folks, this pup actually does handstands every time he has to mark his turf!

The pup is seen going for a walk with his owners, when all of a sudden they search a pole and little dude lifts his butt and both hind legs to mark his territory! Don’t be fooled by chance, because he will do it two more times in this video alone. Every time he wants to make a milestone on his route, he will stand on his front legs to pee, then continue on. How weird is that?

Actually, it isn’t weird at all. To explain why it is happening, we need to understand why dogs lift their leg in the first place. Male dogs don’t pee just to get rid of liquid waste; they do it to show other dogs that they are here and they should know about it. Lifting their leg means that they can spray their urine higher, where other dogs are more likely to notice it and a breeze can more easily disseminate it.

It has been discovered that most smaller dogs will perform handstands while peeing. This could be because the handstand raises their butts higher off the ground, meaning urine can spray farther, perhaps mimicking or covering the stream of a larger dog. Some dogs only perform handstands when spraying against a vertical object such as a wall or a tree, though it has been known to happen in other situations.

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