Giraffe With A Bad Case Of The Munchies Steals Bag Of Popcorn

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Published: June 24, 2016Updated: June 25, 2016

There is a reason why every ZOO around the world has a sign on every enclosure that says “do not feed the animals”. First of all, not every animal eats all kinds of foods, so there is no point of giving an apple to the lion and you certainly don’t bring a fine cut of steak with you on your visit!

But there is a certain type of people who keep ignoring these signs and decide that they can feed any animal whatever they want. So while this might be an entertaining video, let it serve an educational purpose also.

A girl was visiting the local ZOO with her family, crunching on popcorn and checking out the various animals. When they got to the giraffe enclosure, the animals stretched their long, slender necks to check out these visitors and, probably out of sheer infantile curiosity, the girl offered one of the giraffes some of her popped kernels.

For some reason, the giraffe liked the snack and came back for seconds, then thirds and the girl decided to tease the animal, hoping to see how far will it go for the snack. Little did she know that a giraffe’s tongue cat stretch up to 20 inches in length, so all it took for the girl to lose sight of her bag for a moment and giraffe snatched it off her hand.

You can tease all you want but whoever has the longest neck gets the last laugh!

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