Talented Doggo Really Likes Singing The Blues

PetTubePlanetsFunniestAnimalsPublished: June 24, 201612,357 views
Published: June 24, 2016

Dogs are amazing creatures. They bring so much joy and love into our lives that it is no wonder they are considered one of human-kind's greatest companions! Sure, they can be a whole lot of hard work to raise, some might say it is almost like raising another child, but those challenges are heavily outweighed by the amazing memories that they bring. One such amazing and funny memory was created here when this little boy is playing some blues on his guitar. It seems that his canine companion wants to join in as well and starts to sing along with the guitar! Talk about a hilarious duo!

These two are adorable together. We have heard of talking dogs before, but who would have thought singing as well? What we do know is that this really does make for one great video! No wonder pet videos dominated the internet, they are just so darn adorable and cute!

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