Young Foal Kicks Horse’s Butt After Failing To Control Its Legs

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Published: June 24, 2016

A kicking horse can be dangerous to deal with because if you get in the way you might get hurt. Some horses develop a bad habit of kicking and are a menace both on the ground and when being ridden.

In this hilarious clip, we see a young foal frolicking on a pasture before going after an adult horse by raising its hind leg and kicking its butt. This funny little foal tries to show the older horses that he's a tough guy! This little foal is going to be a very tough horse one day. Although it looks very young, it already feels the urge to test its strength!

There is nothing more adorable than a cute baby foal trying to control its limbs and learning how to use its hind legs for kicking some butt. Things escalate when it starts using them limbs to show the other horses who’s in charge! Cuteness overload!

Most of the times, horses kick at biting flies around its legs and belly, but usually these aren't really powerful kicks because the sole purpose is to get rid of the discomfort. In addition, horses are often seen kicking at each other in the pasture. Of course, these aren’t powerful kicks when they are playing, but rather a display of high spirits, and way of burning off excessive energy.

On the other hand, horses also kick to defend themselves with kicks that are often powerful and well-aimed. Horses may get the urge of kicking when they feel threatened by another horse, for example if another horse is getting too close to its food or if it is acting aggressively towards them or their foals and mates.

However, kicking horses can become a dangerous habit or vice that needs to be handled on time. When the horse learns that kicking is the best way to rid itself of something it dislikes, it might soon become a daily habit. Some horses dislike dogs, cats or ponies and would not hesitate kicking them anytime they get too close. Others come to extremes and create aversion to riders, handlers and drivers as well.

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