Clever Rottweiler Walks His Dog Buddy

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Published: June 24, 2016

Aren’t dogs just the best? They aren’t called “man’s best friend" for nothing, you know! Whenever you come back from work, beat and tired, they always come running over to turn that frown into a smile, tail wagging and with a smile! Sometimes they might remember that you like your beer after work, so they open and close fridges and bring you a cold can. They would do anything to see you happy, being alpha or not!

Teaching your dogs tricks can be very useful in a pleiad of situations. If you set aside the basic commands, like sit, stay, heel, which are the foundation for any obedience training when it comes to your canine companion, there are loads of other commands and tricks you can teach them to make your life easier!

Take Landon, for example. He is your “standard issue" Rottweiler dog. Big, stout guy, obedient to the heavens and on standby for his owner’s command. The owner asks Landon to go and bring his little friend, out back on the other end of the road. The fluffy little guy just sits there and look positively scared, the poor fella! Landon, runs over, grabs the tiny pooch’s leash and tugs him toward the owner, to which the puppy complies!

We should be in shock, but given how obedient Rottweilers can be, that fluffy doggy did not stand a chance! Good boy!

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