These Are Some Of The Funniest Pets And People On Pettube

PetTubePlanetsFunniestAnimalsPublished: June 24, 2016Updated: July 4, 2016234 views
Published: June 24, 2016Updated: July 4, 2016

There are moments in life when you wonder ‘why on Earth didn’t I have my phone camera on’, because the stuff that happens in the blink of an eye is the best! Overconfidence and general foolishness make the best companions of funny home videos and we love watching them.

Pettube has graced us with yet another compilation of clips where pets and people show off their clumsy and silly sides. Pets are usually more susceptible to ridiculousness and are easier to take videos of than your human friends. But whenever you give your dog a tennis ball, a balloon or a water hose, things are bound to get very interesting, very fast.

Then there are those days of snow and ice, when the child in us awakens and we just want to plow through the powder and have loads of fun. But nature doesn’t seem to always agree with us, so the occasional surprise slip and fall can make you laugh so hard you might pee yourself, while holding your bruised backside.

And last, but not least, our favorite - the overconfidence fails! Doesn’t matter if you are human, feline or canine; when you are 100% certain you can accomplish something and you go at it, not calculating the possible outcome, the end result can be too hilarious to catch your breath!

We are just grateful that these folks were brave enough to share their clips with us!

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