Shoe Loving Lion Cub Wrestles A Dog For His Toy

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Published: June 24, 2016

Every girl loves a good pair of shoes. They are not just there to keep your feet warm and dry; in fact, most often that not, the shoes that girls love do everything but keep their feet warm and dry. They can be a statement piece of accessory, without which no look will ever be complete.

Girls around the world have closets filled with shoes they hold most dear. They are kept locked tight, so that no speck of dust or ray of sunshine may damage their priceless possessions. Pets are, of course, out of the question!

Dogs have been particularly famous for being the culprits behind the ruin of a wonderful pair of shoes. Oh, the tears and the heartbreak that follows… Whether it is the most expensive Italian leather or the cheapest running shoes you can find, if your dog has tested the shoe’s merits, you can bet that the dog will inherit it.

But in this case, the shoe loving animal isn’t your run-of-the-mill canine. In fact, it is exactly the opposite. A family fostering a tiny lion cub has found that the soon-to-be huge kitty has gotten itself into the shoe cupboard and is feasting into what looks like a former running shoe.

Stitches broken and slobber-soaked lining all over the place, this is the cub’s toy now. To make matters even more interesting, the family’s dog wants in on the shoe-munching action. But this kitty is not going to give up his new favorite toy that easily.

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