Kitten Lets Cat Buddy Out Of The Bag

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Published: June 24, 2016Updated: July 4, 2016

Having a cat in your home is a blessing. They love to cuddle, to sleep on your stomach and purr. That’s the feeling that calms us down. And there are moments where you can’t even recognize your own home. They get “wild” and run around your living room like crazy. Sometimes cats do things that make our skin crawl, but there are also lots of moments where we laugh our butts off. They know how to be very talented comedians and bring joy in our lives. Try and imagine having two of them. It doubles the fun.

You thought you can hide something from a cat? Think twice. Whoever tried to hide a single thing from their feline babies was on a futile mission. For some reason, cats love bags. Playing with a bag and hiding inside of it gives them the feeling of a hiding spot, hidden from others but with an excellent vantage point.

There are lots of videos on the Internet of cats playing with paper bags, but we bet you haven’t seen two of them playing hide and seek with one. Cue the hilarity!

First this little toyger is surrounding its prey - the paper bag. We think it’s just going to play with it. “What do we have here? Mmmm… It smells like another cat. Let me try and play with it… Ha, I got you!”

All of a sudden you hear a popping sound and a black bolt comes out of the bag. It’s another cat, a black one and he runs to save his life from “the beast” that just ruined his hiding spot.

“Look what you've done to me. You think it’s funny. No, it’s not!”, he turns its tail to his friend and vanishes. He doesn’t feel like playing.

That’s what happens when you scare your friends…

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