Chubby Bulldog Is So Tired, She Starts Snoring

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Published: June 24, 2016

After having a rough day, all we want to do is turn off the lights and tuck ourselves in bed. Imagine all of a sudden a freight train-like racket starts rumbling from somewhere in your home... Before you violently nudge the person next to you to make them stop snoring, take another look. There's a good chance this sound is coming from your living room…

That’s where your dog is sleeping. "No, it can’t be my dog". Well, get ready to confront the hilarious truth. Yes, it is your dog. Like humans, dogs too can snore sometimes. Especially if it’s a bull breed, those dogs have the innate ability to produce that disturbing sound with their nasal passages. Hearing a human snore is like nails on a chalkboard; hearing a dog snore is the most hilarious sound ever!

Just like us, dogs need solid sleep as a component of their good health. If the snoring is consistent and pervasive and especially if it’s waking you up from your sleep, then it’s time to see your dog’s vet. There are several reasons why a dog might snore - allergies, sensitivities, dental problems, sleeping position, obesity etc.

It’s obvious that this Bulldog’s problem is her weight. This chunky dog can snore with the whole might of her voice! After having a long day of Christmas shopping, Sammy the Bulldog caught up with some puppy dreams on the couch!

Sammy’s folds on her mouth are moving in the rhythm of her snoring. Listening to the sound this cute dog makes, you think “Come on, man. You can chop a pile of logs”, but when you look at her small folded face you can’t resist how cute she is.

Watch this tired princess having her afternoon nap! It will make you wish you were her sleeping on that couch.

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