The most adorable animal love story you will ever see!

HeartwarmingAnimals Published June 23, 2016 3,512 Plays

Rumble / Unreal AnimalsYou have never seen a love story like this before! ‘Don’t Forget Us Pet Us‘ strives to create second chances for animals that otherwise would not have one. While we love all of their animals, Spartacus, the baby goat, holds a special place in our hearts.

When Spartacus was born his mom left him in the field. His owner found him and had to give CPR and brought him back to life. He still suffers some medical issues due to his circumstances but he is truly a miracle baby! One very special friend, a baby emu, has helped bring Spartacus back to life. This is truly the most incredible love story we have ever seen!

These adorable animals get a better life that truly counts. They also find ways to give back to the community and places where comfort is needed most. Their animals have traveled to Newtown, CT, Short Term Crisis Shelters, Homeless Shelters, attended Hospice camps, and have reached out to South Coast Neediest Families and nursing home residents.

Don’t Forget Us Pet Us is not only changing animals’ lives but people around the country as well!


  • warriorbride, 2 years ago

    Tumbleweed is trying to PLUCK OUT the goats EYE !!! HELLO ! that ISN'T OK hello ? how can you tell me that it is SAFE for this goat if he is trying to EAT his eyeballs ? He is way too dangerous, YOU should put another goat in there or another animal that doesn't have a sharp beak on him ok NOT SAFE AT ALL !!!

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