Guy Teaches You How To Make A Bottle Lamp

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Published: June 22, 2016

Humans can get really creative as far as pretty much anything goes really. We tend to find ways to make everything work even though not anything is perfect. If you feel like you stuck in a little dull patch, make sure to find something like in this video that you can do in order to brighten up your day. Also, if you feel like you have some free time n your hands, you can most definitely follow this guys instructions and find out on how to make a home made lamp out of a bottle.

So, there is a couple of things you have to know in order to be able to successfully achieve this goal, and as far as glass goes, it can sometimes be a bit tricky to work with. That's why, this guy as soon as he gets his hands on the glass bottle and the drill, he lets you know right away that you must not push down excessively on the drill when drilling the glass. Actually, he has provided some information on what you will need and step by step on creating your own.

The following is coming from him directly:
"Ever seen cool lamps made from bottles? You might have wondered how to do it yourself. Well, it's easier than you think!
1. Pick the bottle you want to use (This is half the fun). I prefer Jack bottles because they have a unique look and are quite fun to empty.
2. Get your materials"

So, this might seem a little vague but no worries, as he has everything covered starting from top to bottom on how to make your own lamp and not mess up.
Take a look and enjoy!

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