This Is What Happens When You Pour Molten Salt In Watermelons

TheBackyardScientistPublished: June 21, 2016Updated: June 23, 2016267,315 viewsVirality: 11%
Published: June 21, 2016Updated: June 23, 2016

If you have never heard of molten salt, well, this video might not make too much sense to you. But just think about it. We have melted sugar before and it gave us the tastiest thing ever - caramel. So why can’t we do it with salt too?!

In this video by TheBackyardScientist, we are introduced to a whole new world of experiments. He gives us the answers to the most important question in the world - “What happens to a watermelon when you pour molten salt on it?”

He starts the experiment by heating up plain ol’ kosher salt to the point of no return. Then, he drills a coconut and places it on a spinning rack. Slowly, but surely, he brings the molten salt can on top of the coconut and pours it in. And then, the unexplainable happens. The coconut explodes into tiny pieces, as if it was blasted with a C4. If that wasn’t enough, he decides to do a second round of this experiment, only this time, he uses a watermelon to do it. And the result? Oh, it’s much better than the first time. The sweet sugary goodness catapults all over his yard. Thankfully, it didn’t get to the neighbor’s yard, because we’re sure they wouldn’t be too happy about it.

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      Gindjurra · 4 weeks ago

      A coconut is hard to wash and the fibers trap dirt, chemicals and bacteria. It gets exposed to who knows what in transit. Then the grocery store doesn't wash them either. Drinking directly from a coconut exposes you to all of that.