Cool Yourself In The Summer With This Homemade Air Conditioner That Works Flawlessly

HouseholdHackerPublished: June 21, 2016Updated: June 22, 201654,714 views
Published: June 21, 2016Updated: June 22, 2016

If you are not fortunate enough to have an AC in your house, there is no need to go around looking for a portable AC unit that wont put a dent in your pocket. Household Hacker is here to show you a very cheap method to make an air conditioner in the comfort of your own home, with only $8 worth of supplies.

All you will need is a Styrofoam cooler, one or two dryer vents and a fan that you might have laying around. If not, just pick up one that can blow both cool and hot air, just in case for winter.

Measure out the hole, or holes, that you will need to cut out in the lid of the cooler for the vents. Make sure to get incredibly close, as you want these to sit nice and snug in the Styrofoam. For the fan, mark around the frame, but cut a bit inside the lines, as you will need to leave some space for it to lay on.

After this, just assemble the unit and place a couple of bottle with water in the freezer until they are solid. The more, the better.

Curious if this actually works? Watch the entire video to see how this MacGyvered solution worked for the Household Hacker. Happy crafting!

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