My little pony vs. 46" Fresnel death ray!

TheBackyardScientistPublished: June 21, 2016120 viewsVirality: 1%
Published: June 21, 2016

Here we have the childhood favorite toy, My Little Pony. In this video, the toy is "sentenced to death" by magnifying glass. The magnifying glass used is a 46" Fresnel lens from rear projection television. The whole ordeal took about 5 minutes in time to completely destroy the toy. Melting plastic isn't something you'd really want to do, as the odor from the burning plastic is filled with toxic chemicals. Watch as it elegantly charcoals.

Remember that this experiment was carried out by the hands of a highly experienced person, so do not try this at home as it could cause serious injury. With that said, enjoy the beautiful destruction of a favorite toy from childhood!

Sorry little sister!

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