Pouring Molten Aluminum Into A Pool

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Published: June 21, 2016Updated: June 22, 2016

Kevin Kohler, the Backyard Scientist is back at it again with a new video featuring one of his favorite molten aluminum. It is good that Kevin takes on these complex and potentially extremely dangerous experiments on himself, because he has the cool gadgets and cameras that capture the results up close for our enjoyment.

He has already shown us how to build your own backyard aluminum smelter with the help of some neighborhood kids. After you have built the smelter, melt what ever aluminum you have and find a backyard pool that you can contaminate with the molten metal.

The idea was to see how the molten aluminum will react with the cold water. Kevin was probably expecting it to result in some explosion, like when you put hot iron in water, but instead, the metal makes a very cool sound when it hits the surface of the water and then sinks to the bottom., creating some really neat looking shapes. The underwater footage might not be brilliant, but the sound the camera recorded is pretty cool too.

There’s another video of Kevin playing with molten aluminum, but this time he dumped a few pounds of the stuff into a fish tank filled with water balls and the results were 1000 times more amazing! If you are looking for a new art form and are not afraid of getting burned, definitely check it out!

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