What Molten Aluminum Would Do To Flesh

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Published: June 21, 2016Updated: June 23, 2016

When Kovin Kohler, a.k.a., The Backyard Scientist, started playing with molten aluminum in his own backyard, his viewers got concerned about their favorite crazy genius, thinking he might burn himself and get sent to the hospital by playing with the liquid metal.

In order to instill some peace of mind, Kevin decided to test out what will happen if molten aluminum actually gets in touch with muscle tissue, or flesh. He took a very juicy looking piece of steak, set it on an angle in his yard, melted some aluminum and poured it over the meat.

First of all, the molten metal just rolling off the meat was insane to watch! We thought it might stick to is, like a hot, old pan. Using a thermal camera, Kevin shows that the meat isn’t even hot, it’s just barely warm. You can see from the footage that Kevin himself looks hotter than the aluminum covered flesh and when cut, the steak is still raw inside.

So pouring molten aluminum didn’t cook the steak, what about if we actually tried cooking it is a pool of molten aluminum on the stove? Kevin takes a fresh cut of meat, melts a pan full of aluminum and waits for the temperature of the meat to reach 140 degrees, without destroying the meat. The flesh floats in the pool of molten metal and it barely sticks to the meat. The searing caused the fire alarm to go off, but the steak looks medium rare, which means you can’t really cook meat in molten metal, without burning the things completely through.

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