Check Out What Will Happen If You Pour Molten Aluminum Over Dry Ice And Liquid Nitrogen

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Published: June 21, 2016Updated: June 23, 2016

The Backyard Scientist is calling you to witness this ultimate battle of hot vs. cold. Today starring is molten aluminum vs. liquid nitrogen and dry ice.

The first experiment starts by placing dry ice behind concrete blocks, and pouring aluminum onto it. It is interesting how the aluminum just slid right off the dry ice. This is because a layer of carbon dioxide was produced under the hot aluminum.

The entire process is filmed by a FLIR camera, a real thermal camera that enables you to see everything hot and cold that the naked eye cannot witness.

Now, he makes an indent into the block of dry ice, but the aluminum just slid right out of the block of ice. Then, he makes a bigger indent hole, and now the aluminum starts bouncing out and dancing around, it is pretty cool. It looks like a lake of molten lava, but it is actually molten metal.

The second experiment is to see what happens if you pour molten aluminum into liquid nitrogen. Molten aluminum has a temperature of about 1200 'F and the liquid nitrogen is negative 320 'F which is a very big temperature difference. The molten aluminum falls through the liquid nitrogen like it is not even there, but there is a lot of rapid boiling of the liquid nitrogen, nothing explosive though.

The last attempt is to pour liquid nitrogen into molten aluminum. The liquid nitrogen is so less dense than the molten aluminum and it didn't even get the chance to go below the surface, it doesn't come into direct contact with the aluminum because of the massive amounts of nitrogen gas produce.

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