These Tips Will Make Catching Those Sweet Z's A Breeze

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Published: June 21, 2016

Having trouble snoozing? Getting a good night’s sleep can get more and more difficult nowadays, but thanks to these simple tips by the trusty Household Hacker, tomorrow can be the first day you wake up feeling fresh. Just pay close attention!

Let’s face it, we are dependent on out gadgets. Whether it is the computer, a tablet or your smartphone, we just can't get enough of staying up to date with everything. But research shows that staring at a bright computer monitor two to three hours before hitting the sack suppresses the melatonin levels necessary to knock you out. It is best that you get rid of that nasty habit altogether, but if you still like to read before sleep, use a paper book instead. If you still like to linger on your smartphone before bed, dim the backlight to a minimum.

If getting up with the first alarm is what is troubling you in the morning, put that screamer as far away from you as you can, so that you can hear it, but you still have to get up and turn it off. After that, you might as well start the day when you’ve walked a few feet around the house.

Another incredibly simple and obvious solution would be to keep all possible distraction out of your bedroom. Leave everything that you like to do before bed, like laptop, phone and book in the living room and unplug that TV if you got one in the bedroom. Sleep will come as natural as breathing.

Try and keep the temperature in the house at between 65 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the optimal temperature for a good night of sleep.

If you love to cuddle, then you will love this tip! If you have someone to cuddle with during your sleep, whether it is a significant other or a non-aquatic pet, cuddle next to them to reduce the stress hormone cortisol.

Midterms creeping in? Hit a caffeine power nap by brewing some coffee and ice it down for a quick consumption, then down it quickly. Coffee takes 15 minutes to kick in, which is a great opportunity for a nap. When you wake up 15 minutes later, you will feel fresh and ready to hit the books.

Also, drinking some hot beverage, like a chamomile or lemon balm tea, can bring the temperature of your body enough and promote sleeping. If you don’t have tea, try some warm milk. If it helps kids, it might help a sleep-deprived adult too.

If all this fails, then you should probably go looking for a new mattress. We spend about a third of our lives sleeping, so go splurge on a new one.

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Have some sleeping tricks of your own? Would love to hear them!

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