How To Hide A House Key And Never Get Locked Out Again

HouseholdHackerPublished: June 21, 2016139,166 views
Published: June 21, 2016

You can try and deny it, but we have all been there. You get out of the house in a hurry, go on about your business, to come home and discover that you have actually forgotten your key at home. Oh the horror! How will you ever get back in again, without breaking a window?

Fret not, because we are here to save you money on window repair and torn nerves. You can easily and efficiently stow-away a house key on your property where no one will ever find it or even bother looking. You can put this project together quickly at the local hardware store and never again worry about being locked out! Keep in mind, you should use this as a base and build out your own version since we have it online and anyone can see it!

You will need a PVC pipe, an L pipe, a rubber ring collar, some type of adhesive putty and a PVC cap. Find a good spot to place a fake plumbing and then dig a shallow hole near the wall to bury one end of the pipe. Put the rubber collar on the L pipe to make it look like it come out of the wall, like regular plumbing. Use some of the putty to attach a spare key to the cap, hung on some string. Use the rest of the putty to attach the rubber collar to the wall.

After this, just arrange the hiding spot in your desired fashion and hide your key. No more broken windows!

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