Tumba Basketball Trick Shots With De Vet Du

TumbaPingPongShowPublished: June 14, 2016Updated: June 15, 2016431 views
Published: June 14, 2016Updated: June 15, 2016

The crazy awesome guys from Tumba Ping Pong Show met some new friends at the basketball court and decided to shoot some hoops, Tumba Ping Pong style! The maestros of ping pong got together with De Vet Du, a music group from Sweden and online sensation.

Both of these teams are sensational at what they do online, so why not join their forces and make something epic together! The guys from De vet Du are seen shooting some hoops at a ball court, each showing off some pretty awesome tricks. Christopher even nails a ball by kicking it backwards with the heel of his foot.

That’s when the masters of ping pong come into play. Dr Ders comes in first, hitting a ball with his racket, then Slightly Mad Max appears in front, hits the ball with his fist and Johan catches it for a sweet slam dunk. DJ Coolman comes in next, shoots another ball with his racket, Mad Max hits it back and Christopher slams it in the hoop.

So Slightly Mad Max does something not so slightly crazy. He picks up a bowling ball, throwing it in the back and Tor runs in to catch it, but it hits him in the nose instead. Didn’t he know how mad Slightly Mad Max can be?! Oops.

Guest stars: De Vet Du (http://goo.gl/mI1P3A)
Performed by: Slightly Mad Max, Dr Ders & DJ Coolman

WATCH IT ALL ON: http://www.tumbapingpongshow.com/

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