Talented Ping Pong Enthusiast Pulls Off Amazing Ping Pong Trick

TumbaPingPongShowPublished: June 14, 2016Updated: June 15, 2016173,138 views
Published: June 14, 2016Updated: June 15, 2016

Little John of the Tumba Ping Pong show is here to amaze us with his ping pong skills. The setting looks pretty mundane: he sits in his armchair, a table in front of him with his ping pong paddle, a ping pong ball and a glass jar.

He turns the paddle on the table and throws the ping pong ball towards it. It bounces off the paddle and goes shooting towards the stairwell in the back, while Little John puts his paddle away and just waits. What is he waiting for? Maybe for the ball to comes back, as it bounces over and over, against the walls and the steps. We are not sure what to expect here...

But wait – Little John looks very confident about what is about to happen as he takes the lid off the glass jar on the table. And surely enough, the ball bounces off a couple of steps before swishing effortlessly into the glass container. What. Did. We. Just. Witness?! He pulled an impressive ping pong stunt with flying colors! How cool is that?

This Pong Pong trick-shot enthusiast makes the shot look so easy as he effortlessly bounces it off multiple objects, to finally have it neatly nested inside the jar. Who knows how may attempts this perfect-shot took? What we do know for sure is that he did manage to create an amazing and impressive video as he nails his shot! To top it all off, his seemingly unimpressed face as he made the shot made the video that much more hilarious and unique! He made us look at ping pong from a whole different angle!

Have you ever seen anything like this before? Surely this shot took multiple attempts and took hours of practice, making it all the more impressive! To perform a feat like this requires some amount of skill, which this man definitely has a bunch of! Who knows what other shots this man is going to attempt next?

The Tumba Ping Pong Show is a group of six professional tricksters with exceptional video editing skills and a massive love for the sport of ping pong. Check out their other videos on the Tumba Ping Pong Show channel

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