Guy Scores Goal With A Ping Pong Bat, Because Why Not

TumbaPingPongShowPublished: June 14, 2016Updated: June 15, 20161,075 views
Published: June 14, 2016Updated: June 15, 2016

A small boy prepares to hit a soccer ball into the net of a door guarded by another child, under the strict supervision of an adult. Another adult removes the child from spotlight, and, instead of as the rules command โ€“ hitting the ball with his leg, he passes the ball to a yet third adult in the typical manner of a table-tennis serve. The third adult hits the ball with a ping-pong racket, the ball flies over the head of the second child guarding the doors, hits the upper door frame and, believe it or not breaks it in half! The door falls forward, catching or little door-keeper with its net. And the adults remain standing unperturbed.

Does it end here? Certainly not! Watch further!

The server then, a takes a ping-pong ball out of his blouse pocket and hits it with the same racket that broke the door โ€“ believe it or not โ€“ straight into the mouth of the person observing the entire event!

This super hilarious set of sporting accidents is not, of course, a well-timed video capture. It is rather a staged comedic performance produced by the more and more popular blog Tumba Ping Pong Show.

Performed by: Little John & Slightly Mad Max
Guest star: Jugge


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    adamabb ยท 2 years ago

    hahah what? what is this shit? :D