Woman Makes Catching Knives With Ping Pong Paddle Look Easy

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Published: June 14, 2016

The Tumba Ping Pong Show is back on the road and our faces hurt from all those facepalms! Miss Ping is the first guest star of the show, where we get to see what it looks like to play ping pong with some very dangerous items!

She stand at the end of a corridor, with her ballerina bun and bright pink ensemble, armed with two ping pong paddles like it is just a day at the mall. On the opposite side appears Tumba Ping Pong veteran Slightly Mad Max, armed with his own paddle and several big boy knives, ready to tackle his opponent. What will happen?

Slightly Mad Max draws the first big boy knife and shoots it towards Miss Ping, which she catches with a swift move of her right hand paddle. Slightly mad Max then throws the second knife at out heroine, which she also manages to catch with left hand paddle. Then comes the moment of truth. With one more big boy knife, but no more paddles to spare, what will Miss Ping do?

Out of the right hand side of the screen appear DJ Coolman, pineapple in hand and places it on top of Miss Ping’s head. Slightly Mad Max throws his last knife, which slices through the piece of fruit like a hot knife through butter. A-mazing! Whether this comes from exceptional hand-eye coordination or just run-of-the-mill editing skills, we will let you decide!

The Tumba Ping Pong Show is a group of six professional tricksters with exceptional video editing skills and a massive love for the sport of ping pong. Check out their other videos on the Tumba Ping Pong Show channel.

Performed by: Slightly Mad Max & DJ Coolman
Guest Star: Miss Ping

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