This is why frozen cakes are bad for birthdays...

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Published: June 9, 2016

There is this odd tradition when it comes to birthdays. Parents have decided to throw their kids an extra surprise for their birthdays; not like something wrapped, or waiting behind the corner. Nope, instead they decide to smash the kid's face into their birthday cake!

This isn't a novelty tradition though – it seems it has been here since forever; someone smacking you in the face with a piece or a whole cake. It is sort a sick thrill, to stuff someone's face into frosting. There's even a build up to the exact moment it is supposed to happen, followed by a vloud “Happy Birthday” and a tight crossing of the fingers, hope the birthday boy or girl doesn't get mad for you ruining their party.

This boy wanted to celebrate his birthday with a smash! Literally! Derek was so excited and prepared to break the tradition and instead smash his own face into his cake, but when the time came the result wasn't quite what he was expecting! Turns out that it's pretty hard to mash your face into a frozen cake that has not had the proper time to thaw.

Good thing he had a solid sense of humor, so instead of falling into disappointment, Derek just laughed it off! That's the spirit!

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