Social experiment: Pregnant homeless woman

Published June 7, 2016 29,040 Plays $77.04 earned

Rumble / Social ExperimentsCheck out this social experiment from RobbyTv where his friend puts on a fake pregnancy suit and pretends to be homeless. Does anyone care or try to help? Make sure to watch till the end!


  • MikeStone, 3 years ago

    2 hours of people walking by with no help, incredible!

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    • Jessy94, 3 years ago

      Honestly, that's what i expected, and that's even more saddening...

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    • Melissa_James, 3 years ago

      Why is this a surprise to everyone?

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      • TracyMorgan, 3 years ago

        Was thinking the same thing. This is so normal...

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  • Nica22, 3 years ago

    Is this even possible??? I understand that people are living their own life, but man, someone should give her some change... People are really bastards... But, it's nice to know that there are still someone out there willing to help... Great job lady!!!

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  • LoganStone, 3 years ago

    Very sad :(

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  • kurbanana, 3 years ago

    sorrow! :(

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  • Robertpeterson, 3 years ago

    Fuck Americans!!!

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  • sick_boy26, 3 years ago

    Only 1 woman in 2 hours to help..WOW, great job America!!

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  • adamabb, 3 years ago


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  • DaveCasado, 3 years ago

    People have no empathy. So disappointing...

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    • DaneAress35, 3 years ago

      we are living in bad society...

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  • Petar97, 3 years ago

    Sad reality :(

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