DJ Throws Dance Party On New York City Subway

Published June 7, 2016 11,099 Views

Deciding which subway car to get on in the morning might feel like a game of roulette. Most of them provide the same experience, more or less. Bored, cranky and tired people ride that commute everyday, keeping to themselves. But a bunch of people chose the right car in the New York Subway one day and it paid off, big time!

Hoping to shine “a bright light on everyday people selflessly sharing their positive attitudes towards society and life,” last July, CBS’s Dream Team organized an escape from the monotony of commuting. At first, train riders watched curiously as musicians set up laptops, lights, and a velvet red rope — right on the NYC subway!

But after a quick announcement from their MC, the gloomy morning commute turned into someone extraordinary! Commuters on the NYC subway got treated with a dance party, complete with flashing lights, glow sticks and a live DJ!

Can you imagine? Any commuter can tell you that riding the New York City subway is a close equivalent to “a small death.” But that day, everyone had a little bit of fun, thanks to someone’s watchful eye.

Be sure to share this clip with your peers, to inspire more people to cut loose, break out of their daily routines, and have some random fun!

Watch this clip from Chicken Soup for the Soul's Hidden Heroes, part of the CBS Dream Team ( This episode is called 'Dance Dance'. Enjoy!

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