Toddler Running in Pit for Impaled Nazarene Concert

ViralHogPublished: June 7, 201612 views
Published: June 7, 2016

Occurred on May 28, 2016 / Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Info: Toddler Enjoys Maryland Deathfest Circle Pit during Impaled Nazarene 2016
Credit: Elsie Bordon

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      drewyc ยท 1 year ago

      yea, I am sure the kid just love DEATHmFEST - fuck man, that shit scares the piss out of me and I am can any kid really enjoy such music is beyond me..and I sure he did not.....sure death metal is great if you are a teen with your buddies and you all are hyped on beer and reefer but it is not something you take your kid too...sorry, i am a big music fan but death metal does have satanic overtones and I do not think kids need Satan in their brains when trying to get a good nights sleep. I know that watching the film "Exorcist" as a kid lost me about a year's worth of sleep.......I am all for parents exposing their children to music but death metal really is not appropriate for children really is the one genre I would keep kids away from until they are old enough to hopefully learn that the devil exists only in your own mind....better off taking him to a greatful dead show, at least it is all peace and love, not suicide and hate in the lyrics....