Rescue Puppy Saved From A Fire Becomes A Firefighter

Published June 7, 2016 17,896 Views

Rumble Friendship is a beautiful thing to begin with, but friendship that is born from a heroic rescue is downright heartwarming. This is the amazing story about Jake, a Pit Bull mix, and Bill Lindler the man who rescued him.

Jake was only three weeks old when he was trapped in a burning shed and was rescued by a local firefighter Bill Lindler and others from Hanahan, South Carolina Fire Department. The pup suffered burns to 75% of his body, including his paw pads. After his rescue, Jake was in rough shape and was taken to a local clinic for treatment.
Soon after, his owners abandoned him at the vet as they couldn’t afford to pay for his care. Luckily for the pooch, the same firefighter who saved his life, decided to adopt him too. Ever since these two have been inseparable buddies and have created a special bond.

Jake is both a fighter and a survivor. After he survived a fire, he became an official firefighter himself, thanks to the Mayor. Fortunately, Jake recovered quickly and become the official mascot of the Fire Department and now goes to schools to help kids learn about fire safety and what to do on emergencies. He even has his own badge!
Jake not only won Bill’s heart, but everyone he meets as well.

What began as a near-fatal tragedy ultimately transformed this puppy’s life for the better, all thanks to the man who risked his own life to save him. Apparently, Jake was destined for great things!

This video was produced by Lucia Nazzaro and shot by Caleb S. Varnadeaux and edited by Andrew Osborne. To see more heartwarming animal rescues, check out our HooplaHa YouTube page!

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