6 years ago

This Amazing Trick Will Teach You How To Fold Your Socks Neat

Socks never seem to fit in the drawer, especially when they are stuffed in the corners on top of everything else. They are always going missing as well! Why is it that every time you look for a pair of socks, there is only one of them? This neat trick will help solve these problems! There is no need to look for the other pair of a sock in the laundry basket, the alternative sock folding method will make your life a lot easier.

Place one sock over the other diagonally and start to fold! Watching the video shows us that there is a really nice way to put our socks away! The end result is a nicely folded square, who knew you could even fold your socks like this? It might take a couple times to become the sock folding expert, but this video will help you out! The amount of space that empties up in your drawer will surprise you! These socks are not going missing anytime soon! This multi-step method is definitely more time-consuming that the old roll-em-in-a-ball-together trick, but the origami-style routine is pretty mesmerizing to watch.

Doing laundry already takes enough time, so we're definitely not advocating for any extra steps, but if you're a neat freak and looking to gain some drawer space (who isn't?), then this square folding technique is going to tickle your fancy.

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