EgyptAir says flight from Paris to Cairo missing

ReutersNews Published May 19, 2016 0 Plays

Rumble National carrier EgyptAir says a plane carrying 66 passengers and crew on a flight from Paris to Cairo has gone missing. Natasha Howitt reports.


  • DaveCasado, 3 years ago

    OMG! :(

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  • Robertpeterson, 3 years ago

    up when more? :((((( :/

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  • LoganStone, 3 years ago

    Well, I guess, sometimes that can hapen...

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  • CFer, 3 years ago

    What the hell happened ?!?

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  • LesaQ, 3 years ago

    This missing airplane shit became the most common thing these days.. WTF is wrong??

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    • DaneAress35, 3 years ago

      Probably ISIS terorists kidnapped the plane and they are gonna want ransom for sure

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  • Sebastian33, 3 years ago

    So after Larnaca one more plane, omg, what the hell is wrong with people

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