5 Layer Doritos Nachos, A Mountain of Flavor!

ObsevFoodPublished: May 2, 201699 views
Published: May 2, 2016

5 Layer Doritos Nachos. Just…say it out loud. Do we really need to convince you to want to make this? Ingredients: 2 Avocados 1 Red Onion 2 Jalapeno Bushel of Cilantro 2 Limes 2 Tomatoes 1 lb. Shredded Chicken 1 lb. Ground Beef Taco Seasoning Fajita Veggies Refried Beans Shredded Cheese Salsa Sour Cream Spicy Nacho Doritos Salsa Verde Doritos Tapatio Doritos Sweet Chili Doritos Nacho Cheese Doritos In a mixing bowl add (all chopped) 2 avocados, 1/2 red onion, 1 jalapeno, 1-2 tomatoes, and a handful of cilantro. Squeeze in two limes and stir. In another mixing bowl add your chicken, 1/2 red onion, 2 tomatoes, and a jalapeno. Squeeze in 2 limes and stir. Cook your ground beef with taco seasoning. Once browned, add your fajita veggies and cook for a few minutes more. Reheat your refried beans. On a plate layer down some Nacho Cheese Doritos and top with beans and shredded cheese. Add a layer of Salsa Verde Doritos and top with your ground beef mix and more cheese. Layer Spsicy Nacho Doritos and top with your avocado mix. Layer more cheese then some spicy Sweet Chili Doritos and top with your chicken mix. Layer more cheese and Tapatio Doritos. Top it all off with salsa, sour cream, and garnish with cilantro.

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