Who Helps The Homeless? It’s A 9-Year-Old Superhero!

Published April 26, 2016 27 Plays

Rumble You’ve never met a superhero like this before! You’ve heard of the classics like Superman and Batman… but our favorite would have to be 9-year-old SUPER EWAN! On the fourth Saturday of each month Super Ewan, along with his family and Super Volunteers, goes down to Roosevelt Park in Detroit to distribute food, clothing and basic necessities to the less fortunate. This 9-year old has a passion to help the homeless! Equipped with his superhero attire and a lot of help from his parents, he is changing the lives of thousands of homeless individuals.

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In addition to their bi-weekly trips to Detroit, on the second Sunday of each month he holds an adventure in Chesterfield, MI. On these given days, they are providing food, clothing and necessities to low income families that need assistance. “We can all be a superhero to someone!” is Super Ewan’s motto and certainly proves it to be true each and every day!

This video was produced by Lucia Nazzaro and shot/edited by Christopher Hersey.

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  • Elaine, 3 years ago

    Awesome...you are definitely an inspiration to many!

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