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Dad And Daughter Leave Everyone In Awe When They Take The Dance Floor

There is nothing more precious than watching your little baby grow up to be an amazing person. It takes a lot of strong will and patience to teach them to become their best, to encourage them to do their best and be the best version of themselves at all times. It is an ongoing process that but it is always worth it. You’re creating a bond so strong, it defies time and space.

It’s all about the little things, like teaching your children how to tie their shoelaces and how to write the perfect cursive letters, how to swim freestyle and how to get over their first and most painful heartbreak. It seems like each birthday is more bittersweet than the last because you always rejoice at the thought of them successfully finishing a trip around the Sun, but at the same time it saddens you to think that they are no longer your tiny little babies and each year they get less and less dependant of you. Thankfully, blood is thicker than water and they won’t ever forget you and what you’ve done for them.

A proud dad would do anything for his daughter and this viral video proves just this! A Texas dad set the bar pretty high, when he performed an epic dance with his daughter at her quinceanera in June.

Retired US Marine Leonardo Cortinas took the father-daughter dance pretty seriously because, as he says, his daughter Jasmine is his world. So the duo trained for one very elaborate choreography to all time hits like ‘Can’t Touch This’, ‘Gangnam Style’ and ‘Tootsie Roll’, starting and ending with ‘My Girl’. The practice lasted for three weeks and all the moves were planned out by the birthday girl.

After Jasmine received her traditional gifts from the guests and got crowned, the dad slipped away to change from his suit to his official dress blues, much to the excitement of his daughter. So when the opening tune for ‘My Girl’ started, the guests cheered but they had no idea the party they were about to witness!

The father-daughter dance is a traditional staple at quinceaneras, but Jasmine wanted to do something special for her birthday, something that all 600 of her guests will never forget! Her dance was a family affair though, since her 11-year-old brother Isaac joined her for a few moves on the ‘Nae Nae’ song.

In Mexico, quinceanera is the fifteenth birthday of a girl and the term may also refer to a girl's fifteenth birthday party.This celebration traditionally marks a girl's coming of age after which she is considered a mature person who is ready to create a family and take responsibilities.

In the United States, it is the sixteenth birthday that is traditionally celebrated most extravagantly as the ‘Sweet Sixteen’. However, in recent years, the quinceañera is gradually becoming very popular in the United States, especially among Latino families.

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