Indian Mom Breaks Tradition With Award Winning Cookbook

LifeStyleInspiration Published March 22, 2016 42 Plays

Rumble / Fascinating PeopleIn the heart of India lives a wife, mother and award winning cookbook author named Nimi. Nimi Sunil Kumar lives in Munnar, India with her husband and kids. She is a traditional mother and wife who always puts her family first. Second, is her love for cooking! She dives deep into traditional Kerala recipes and makes them healthy and delicious. Her husband could see her love for cooking and suggested she write a cookbook - so she did. Her cookbook, Lip Smacking Dishes of Kerala, won many awards including 'Best Local Cuisine Book Of India!'

Her story shows the importance of food in her state, Kerala – as well as a poignant perspective on the challenges of being a working woman in a family that loves its traditional gender roles. She balances her family, cooking and her job at the local school where she manages the cafeteria. She has brought her healthy recipes with her and feeds over 900 kids per day! Nimi is a shining example that proves traditions can be broken while still holding true to your beliefs!

This beautiful video was produced, shot and edited by Sarah Sellman and Greg Grano of American Bear Films

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