Driver Attempts Insane Hill Climb In Pickup Truck

herbiskul Published March 24, 2016 137,388 Plays

Rumble / Full Throttle CarsThis is absolutely insane! A GMC Sierra pickup truck is put to the test! It is driven up a 400 foot hillside at Batchelor Hills in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. That is so high! You have to be really brave to be able to take on a risky ride like this. It is not an easy trek up the hill, before he starts the huge climb in the car, he backs it up to give it enough force to get up the hill! Then putting pressure on the gas, he gets enough speed to move up this 400 foot hill!

Nearing the top of the hill, the car is in a very steep position and it looks like it's slowing down. More gas is needed! Without putting more pressure on the gas, the car will start to stop and won't make it to the finish line! At the end of the video, we see that the truck makes it up the hill! This guy definitely has guts doing something as crazy as this. It is incredible he was able to accomplish his goal!

He must have had some pretty awesome tires to get up that 400 foot hill! It is so cool to see people doing unique and crazy things everyday! While watching this video, you start to root for him and cheer him on! This allows you to join in on the fun as well!

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  • BroncoBob, 3 years ago

    That was great watching that! I've got a Chevy Suburban 1500 series 4 wheel drive, maybe mine can make it up there too. I'd love to give it a try! lol!

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