How to decorate a bedroom: Bedroom decorating ideas

Published March 23, 2016 161,726 Plays

Rumble / Do It YourselfIn this episode, you will see how I transformed my rental apartment bedroom from plain and boring into a beautiful relaxing space with many budget friendly DIY projects like a headboard and nightstands, all easy to build with only a few hand tools.

Visit to find out more about all the projects in this video and for many more ideas to make your rental space a beautiful home you love.


  • tracy, 4 years ago

    too plain still and boring, maybe ok for a man. but i liked the tip for the door, never saw that one before

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  • maria123, 3 years ago

    I like the overall look. It looks very calming and relaxing. I especially liked the idea of the wall art.

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  • Johny1990, 3 years ago

    I love girls who have taste. I hope that, my wife will have the same taste as you!

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