This One Simple Kitchen Hack Keeps Water From Boiling Over

Published March 14, 2016 21,273 Views

Rumble / Life HacksAre you a busy mom? Sometimes our go-to meal is pasta. Hey, it's simple and needs few ingredients. But don't you hate it when the water boils over and makes a mess of your stovetop and/or burners? Well, our favorite Kitchen Expert is BACK to help!

Check out this brand new episode of Kitchen Hacks with Marysol Castro, mom of two and also best known for her work on ESPN, as she reveals her secret tip to keeping water from boiling over. We all personally use this trick and it's a mess saver!

It is a tool that no kitchen can be without - the old trusty wooden spoon. They are gentle on all cooking surfaces and do a miraculous job in pots and pans. The best part about wooden spoons is that they do not conduct heat, which is super important in these situations. You might think them a hassle to wash, because you can’t just stuff them in the dishwasher, but you will be racing the store near you for one when you see how helpful a wooden spoon can be to keep the bubbles from rolling over on your precious stove!

It’s a no-brainer, instead of setting your wooden spoon to the side after mixing your food, just place it on top of the pot. The dry surface of the wood will pop the bubbles as they reach the top, keeping the insides where they belong - inside the dish.

Here are more kitchen hacks that will make your stay in the kitchen as painless as possible

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