Dog Patiently Waits For Mail And Immediately Tears It To Shreds

Published March 21, 2016 185,595 Views

For those animal lovers having a puppy or a cat around the house is just what they need. If our dog in this case happens to know a trick or to, we appen to be very proud of as being the owner. However things aren't always as they seem and this is exactly what this video comes to show.

When you think of an animal that just couldn’t care less about your personal space, cats are probably the first that come to mind. They will climb all over you, prick and probe your soft spots like they own you, stick their tails where they shouldn’t be, then bite you and run away. Well these dogs aren't too great with personal space either, but maybe that's just because they love to cuddle and always be by your side!

At first you see this little guy being very patient as he sits in front of the door as if he is expecting a love letter from a long lost love. As he hears foot steps behind the door he starts to get anxious and starts to growl and later on really get aggressive. For some reason we all thought that this puppy was well trained to bring in the mail so it takes a load off of his owners. How ever, don't be to quick to judge and take a look!

Abby the Boston Terrier waits for the mail every single day, only to rip it apart the instant it comes through the slot. Time to get an outside mailbox!

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