Happiness Made Simple - Outdoor Places

LifeStyleInspiration Published March 10, 2016 348 Plays

Rumble / World TravelHappiness is a choice, and one we all want to make. Happier people tend to live healthier lives. In this BRAND NEW episode from the HooplaHa Original Series, Happiness Made Simple, organizational psychologist and eternal optimist Michael “Dr. Woody” Woodward, PhD will talk about the simple, yet often neglected, things we can all do to live happier more positive lives.

The keys to happiness are all around us. Beautiful rivers or ponds, for example, the healing powers of water will make you happy! Next, take a stroll through your local park, the green in nature also helps us feel happier. Finally, checkout a local museum, art stimulates our minds! As you can see, these are simple activities that don't cost money (or much) and can help us be happier, healthier people!

For more on Dr. Woody, http://drwoody.com.

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