Corporate Executive Trades In Briefcase for Golden Opportunity

Published January 8, 2015

Rumble Robert Swanson is the owner of Overlook Goldens in Sherman, CT. Before he was a dog breeder, he was a Vice President in corporate America. When the company he worked for moved overseas, he was given a package and set free. Then came a new choice - go back to corporate America or embrace his love for breeding and showing dogs full time. Robert traded in his briefcase for a "golden opportunity" - now breeding and showing Golden Retrievers full time, Robert has bred multiple litters of these adorable dogs and has the ribbons and trophies to show for it! We sat down with Robert to learn more a about his story and why he decided to leave his life in corporate America behind to pursue his dream. He says, "my friends think I’m crazy, but others think it is a wonderful way of reinventing myself and doing what I love best!"

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