Having This Personality Trait Can Lower Stress - Honesty

HacksandWhacksPublished: February 11, 2015Updated: February 29, 201630 views
Published: February 11, 2015Updated: February 29, 2016

A recent study found that the more lies we tell, the less mentally well we actually are. Here, Lucia takes us back through history to celebrate the most famous honest presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Washington’s famous quote “I cannot tell a lie… you know I cannot tell a lie” and Abraham Lincoln’s nickname “Honest Abe” proves that these honorable presidents never strayed far from the truth! So we've learned that honesty is important, but did you know honesty can also improve your health?

Lying also actually leads to more stress, anxiety and even physical symptoms like sore throats and headaches… Why? Cognitive dissonance, or the mental stress that we feel when we have two or more conflicting thoughts at the same time creates stress that takes a toll on our mind, body and spirit.

Sometimes we think lying will save us, but in reality it keeps us from living our best life. One of our founding fathers, Ben Franklin, was right: “honesty is the best policy…” for our life, our health and the world!

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